51 for 51 demands full representation for the more than 700,000 residents of the District of Columbia — who have all the same responsibilities, but not the same rights, as our fellow Americans.

DC residents pay federal taxes, serve on juries and in the U.S. military, and work hard to build safe, strong communities where we live — just like other Americans. But DC’s lack of statehood means that the laws and budgets we pass have to be approved by Congress — where we lack voting representation.

We deserve a voice in Congress and control over our own local laws. But an outdated rule in the Senate requiring 60 votes to pass most laws stands in the way of tax-paying Americans having a vote in Congress.

Just two years ago, the Senate changed this rule so only 51 votes are needed to confirm Supreme Court justices. If 51 votes is enough to confirm a Supreme Court justice, it should be enough to make DC the 51st state and give DC residents the same rights as all other Americans.

Join us in the fight to make DC the 51st state with a simple majority in the Senate.