D.C. Statehood Advocates Sound Alarm After GOP Members Threaten Repealing Home Rule

D.C. Statehood Advocates Sound Alarm After GOP Members Threaten Repealing Home Rule

Washington, D.C. — Earlier this week, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee outlined plans to restrict Washington, D.C.’s autonomy should they win a majority in the November 2022 midterm elections. Republicans stated that they are drafting legislation to repeal the Home Rule Act of 1973, which granted Washington, D.C. the ability to form its own government and pass its own legislation. Repealing the Home Rule Act would give a majority-white Congress even more control over D.C. laws, further silencing and negatively impacting the 700,000 majority Black and Brown residents of Washington, D.C. who still do not have equal voting representation in Congress.

Jamal Holtz, Lead Organizer of 51 for 51 issued the following statement: 

Once again, GOP members of Congress are attempting to play political games with the livelihood of D.C.’s majority-Black and Brown residents.

Republican Members of Congress are gambling with our right to be heard and the ability to engage in the decisions about our futures. The Home Rule Act is a nearly 50 year piece of legislation that grants D.C. self-governing independence. Residents can’t continue living in fear of the whims of a white member of Congress from thousands of miles away. The only remedy to protect the 700,000 Washingtonians is for Congress to make D.C. the 51st state. Their ploys prove we cannot wait any longer for equal representation — the Senate must pass D.C. statehood with 51 votes.”

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51 for 51 is a coalition of D.C.-based and national groups committed to equal representation for the over 700,000 D.C. residents who remain locked out of our democracy. The coalition of 20 progressive groups believe American citizens living in the District deserve a voice in Congress and control over their own local laws. Already, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Senators Warren, Markey, Gillibrand and Hickenlooper have endorsed 51 for 51’s proposed path to statehood.

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